I just came to the realisation that my life is hella boring. Yes JUST! This isn’t a choice I made or did I? Maybe I subconsciously made this decision when I signed that contract lol! I say this because I have a very taxing work schedule which is maddeningly inconsistent. The only thing that keeps … Continue reading Boredom

My Condolences

My condolences to anyone who’s ever lost me, And to anyone who got lost in me; Or to anyone who thinks they took a loss with me. See some people are only in your life for seasons. I apologise for the misunderstanding, or the lack thereof. I miss me, you miss me, I miss you! … Continue reading My Condolences

Is It Too Late?

Is it too late?! Too late to fight for my future? Too late to wish for a beautiful sunrise Amazing grace, how sweet the sound! We hold on to hope But is that enough? We die everyday, Not for material needs, no! But for our beloved country. Once the bread basket, But now reduced to … Continue reading Is It Too Late?

This Flag

In light of the recent events in our country it has inspired me to write this. Happy reading, God is love and remember peace✌& much love to you.. Thanks to @rasmunroe on Twitter for his input as well! That flag, Our flag, This Flag! For every action there is a reaction, Not forgetting that silence … Continue reading This Flag


New working week. To be honest I don’t like Mondays because it just sneaks up on you. Like are you ever ready for Monday? Made worse by today’s weather which was begging me to stay in bed. I love winter, everyone who knows me knows that and it’s days like this when the weather is … Continue reading Monday


The weekend is here! The day that’s looked at as the best day of the week. Fantastic Friday as I’d like to call it. As I write this I’m thinking that you don’t always need to be told how to overcome a hurdle in life everyday. Life throws these obstacles in our way not to … Continue reading Friday